Maazani Design Co.

Abstract pink and purple Long Scarf

32 USD / In stock.
  • Maazani Design Co. Artwork printed on fabric and finished into a lovely long scarf.
  •  Choose from our different fabrics;
  •  poly chiffon, 
  • satin charmeuse 
  • matte crepe. 
  • Machined baby rolled edge hem finish. 
  • The Print is Visible on Both Sides
  • Our specially developed print process means you'll see the print through to the other side of the scarf. 
  • Depending on which fabric you choose, the print will be about 50-70% visible on the backside.
  • Rolled Hem icon
  • Baby Rolled Machine Finished Hem
  • Like all of our products, each scarf is printed, hand-cut and sewn by skilled trades people using top of the line finishing machines.
  • Drops icon
  • Vibrant Sublimation print
  • Our sublimation dyes are water-based and print a huge spectrum of lively washfast colours. 
  • We work with one of the highest gamut inks available to give our designs the widest range of achievable print colours.